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Why does your photo retoucher matter?

With a wide range of retouchers available online, it might be difficult to choose what would be the right option for you. And when I say right, I mean the one that fits your style, enhances your photography in a way that represents you and moulds like a glove to your work. So what makes a good retoucher? What should you look for when reviewing a portfolio to ensure you get the best photo retouching services?

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1. The skin retouch - How real the image looks to you? Does it look blurred or plasticised? If yes, is this what you would like to sell to your clients? There are many eye-catchy images available online, extremely over-done, with over-passed details and low quality retouch, but that somehow, they still score high in likes and followers due to sponsored posts targeting non-qualified audience. Decide over the standard of quality you wishes to offer and all the answers will follow.

2. The colour themes – Now, look at your retoucher’s portfolio (or the one you would like to hire) and observe: How diversified its colour palette is? Is the retoucher adapting its style to the image, or the other way round? Is the retoucher specialising on beauty, commercial work, fashion, boudoir, headshots? Being able to identify the answers to these questions and to visualise how the photo editor would qualify for your project is important and will save you a lot of time down the road.

3. The presentation – How well presented is their portfolio? Have they given any thought on how their work is displayed? This can tell you a lot about the retoucher’s level of commitment and interest in providing quality work.

4. The vision – How creative is your retoucher? Is the focus only on retouch, or are other arts or interests involved? This can offer you an insight on what else you would be able to launch on the market by collaborating with this retouch artist.

So why your photo retoucher matters? Because it will represent you and your work, its followers may become your followers and their portfolio will also reflect yours. Their dedication will reflect into respecting your deadlines and level of quality desired. Make sure you choose wisely.

Extra tips:

  • Ensure you check different socials of the same retoucher as you may find more of their work. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

  • The price one retoucher is asking should reflect their work, a good one would never come too cheap. I would always recommend sending your images for a quote before moving on, you might be pleasantly surprised and you’ve got nothing to lose.

  • A test picture might be helpful to give you an idea on how their services might fit your style and usually you only have to pay for it if you wish to use that image online.

  • Having only images that you have seen in others portfolio should not stop you from giving that retoucher a try – everyone had to start somewhere. Also, you should be aware that some photographers are asking for discretion, not allowing their photography to be displayed somewhere else.

Do you have any other thoughts on why your retoucher matters? Send me your feedback here: and I will be happy to review.

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